Control Freak


With only a tone and volume control, this is called the Control Freak as it’s freaky how much tonal control you have just from how you play or from the controls on your guitar.

Each amp is hand tuned after production to compensate for component drift,  To get the amp to react like a hair trigger

We think this is the most touch responsive 20 watt amps, you’ll have ever played.

Designed to be the perfect gigging volume, to allow you to crank it at a gig.

This has enough head room for clean tone on stage, yet when overdriven doesn’t go too much louder.

From spanky clean, to Rock and Roll Filth just at your fingertips





Hand Wired all valve,

20 Watts

EZ81 Valve Rectified

2 x 6V6

3 x 12AX7

Solid 20mm thick Mahogany (Spele) Baffle

Celestion Creamback